Diplomatic Mail - Flying Cargo Bulgaria Ltd.

Diplomatic Mail - Flying Cargo Bulgaria Ltd.

With us, your Diplomatic mail has immunity to inspections or delay pursuant to the Vienna Convention of 1961. You can rely on our high standards, meeting your requirements. Our competent employees will answer all your questions and will assist you to organize and ship your Diplomatic mail in a fast, easy and secure way.

By using FedEx Express, you receive:

  • Professional service
  • Speed, security and accuracy
  • Ability to track the shipments on their way, 24 h a day
  • Daily notification to an e-mail address, specified by you, about the movement of the shipments until their delivery
  • Delivery date/time and the name of the person who signed for the package
  • Software package to manage your shipments.

For any questions regarding our services in Bulgaria, please contact Customer Service.

TOLL FREE Phone: 0800 11 000
100, Iztochna Tangenta Str.
1592 Sofia

Flying Cargo Bulgaria Ltd.